I have been privileged to be a best selling author in which I’ve written 8 books and co-authored 3 other books.  The list below provides a description of the majority of those books, as well as the ability to click and purchase them.


words    What difference can a few choice words make to a life? Open the pages of this delightful book and take an adventure into the amazing lives of people who were inspired to new dreams and new heights by a few influential words.

And with each page, you’ll gain new visions of what your words can mean to others, and you’ll come back to the heroes and heroines of this book again and again. This is a book you’ll want to read and give to anyone who aspires to inspiring dreams.

Click to purchase: The Words That Inspired The Dreams


honeyWith compassion and insight, Caron Chandler Loveless uses humor — lots of it — to inspire and encourage women as they face midlife. Loveless writes with sensitivity about more than estrogen and hot flashes; she confronts self-image questions, the empty-nest syndrome, ailing parents, and the fear of letting go, among other topics, and gives a hopeful outlook to the new world that lies ahead.

Click to purchase:  Honey, They Shrunk My Hormones


hugs from heaven   In this inspirational book, you’ll feel the warmth of God’s tender hugs conveyed through the arms of his precious Son. Well-known Bible stories will take on new meaning as you are transported to the scene to explore the thoughts and feelings of the men and women who were touched by the embrace of the Savior.

Click to purchase:  Hugs from Heaven: Embraced by the Savior


caron moms    The very thought can be frightening!

Moms do the most, but get the least recognition in the world! Their love, patience, and endless trips to the ballpark are often taken for granted. It’s time to tell moms everywhere how special and loved they are.

Click to purchase: What If There Were No Moms?


caron dads    Without Dad, ball gloves would stay in drawers and children would have to sleep with their lights on at night. Dads are the family leaders — the supporters, the teachers, the protectors. It’s time to tell dads everywhere how much we love and need them.

This fun yet heartwarming book will delight any dad and let him know how much he is appreciated for all he does. Inside, amusing illustrations bring to life the words of a captivating poem that tells how much Dad does and how we couldn’t live without him.

Click to purchase:  What If There Were No Dads?


caron grandmas   Grandmas are the glue that holds the world together. Their love, patience, and apple pie are sometimes taken for granted. Now it’s time to tell grandmas everywhere how special and loved they are.

This fun yet heartwarming book will delight any grandma and let her know how much she is appreciated for all she does. Inside, charming illustrations bring to life the words of an enchanting poem that tells how much Grandma does and how we couldn’t get along without her.
This is a gift book any grandma will cherish and the perfect way to honor the love, compassion, tenderness, and extra piece of pie grandmas so frequently give out.

Click to purchase:  What If There Were No Grandmas?


caron teachers   Everyone knows that teachers are overworked and underpaid. Too often even the students they teach don’t understand the effort that is put into each class period. What If There Were No Teachers? uses illustrations on the order of Norman Rockwell to let teachers everywhere know that we couldn’t live without them.

A beautifully illustrated poem reveals how sad life would be without teachers, and this uplifting book will be a gift that any teacher will cherish. With Teacher Appreciation Day celebrated each year, what better way to say a special “thank you” to those who have given their time and energy to make our world a better place.

Click to purchase:  What If There Were No Teachers?


Caron sisters   Through the good times and the bad times, through the growing-up years and the grown-up years, you share a special bond with your sister—and right now is the right time to let her know how much you care!

This charming book lets sisters everywhere know that we just couldn’t live without them.

Illustrated in the timeless style of Norman Rockwell by talented artist Dennis Hill, What If There Were No Sisters? brings a rhyming poem to life in a humorous, light-hearted way by revealing how sad we would be without sisters. A gift-book page is included, a place for the gift-giver to personalize this unique book into a treasure any sister will cherish. This is the perfect gift book for her birthday, for Christmas, or just to say, “I Love You!”

Click to purchase:  What If There Were No Sisters?


hugs for friends

Click to purchase:  Hugs for friends: Stories, Sayings, and Scriptures to Encourage & Inspire


hugs teachers   Lives are profoundly affected by teachers. They inspire, encourage, energize, and illuminate the hearts and minds of so many. They give of themselves to enrich the hopes and dreams of others. This book is a way to give something back — it’s a hug of appreciation and admiration for teachers and their gift of teaching.

The pages of this book are filled with a great many hugs that express the warmest love and appreciation for all that teachers do to shape the hearts, minds, and souls of our children. Martha McKee, herself a teacher for thirty-eight years, shares true stories of teachers impacting the lives of students for eternity. You’ll also find heartwarming messages by Caron Loveless that will fill teachers’ hearts with courage and confidence and the knowledge that they are loved and needed.Personalized Scriptures by LeAnn Weiss and uplifting quotes round out this beautiful book, forming enduring hugs to bless every teachers heart.

Click to purchase:  Hugs for Teachers